Community Guidelines

  • Positive vibes only! 
  • -We don’t tolerate negativity of any kind. Whether this is negativity towards another viewer, customer, or an employee, it is prohibited! Negative behavior can be: bullying, making fun of someone, causing drama, etc. We want to create a positive, accepting community that welcomes everyone! 

  • Be considerate and aware of others!
  • -Keep in mind we have a wide range of people apart from our community. Adults, children, teens, anyone can join our community and watch our streams! Please act accordingly. No excessive cursing, nsfw content or behavior, etc. No discrimination! We want to make everyone feel welcome in our community and included. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated!

  • No asking for donations!
  • -Donations should happen only if the donor decides! Viewers, including our hosts, co-hosts, and mods should not ask for donations from others in chat. We want to build a community and find it amazing there are donations that occur, we encourage it! We just also don’t want anyone to feel pressured into giving out donations as it should be up to them whether they do so or not! 

  • No scamming! (In relation to our discord)
  • -Scamming of any kind must be brought to the attention of the mods. Proof is required if someone is trying to scam. If a person is proven to be scamming, they will be banned immediately. 

  • Buying/Selling/Trading:
  • -Is not allowed in live stream chat

    -We have channels available in our discord for this!

    -You can also DM someone if you want to offer them a trade!


  • What constitutes a mute during live:
  • -Spamming

    -Advertising self or others

    -Sexual comments/innuendos

    -Disrespect of any kind sexism/racism/insensitivity

    -Asking for free product (inquiring about how to get free product is fine)

    Mods should be giving a single warning before following through with the mute if behavior persists then you will be muted.


  • What constitutes a ban during live: 
  • -Racist/Sexist remarks and other discriminatory behavior/remarks

    -Harassing viewers, hosts, co-hosts, or mods 

    -Threats of violence or self harm

    -Accusing the stream of scamming or theft

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