For Sellers

  • To sell your cards, find the product called ‘Trading Card Sellers’ to pay the Middleman Service fee and upload the information for the cards. Read and sign the Seller contract before making the payment. PLEASE ALSO PUT DOWN THE PRICE OF THE CARD AND THE ZELLE INFO in the note section during checkout.
  • The Middleman Service Fee differs based on the price of the card.
  • We do not accept cards that are priced over $10,000.
  • If the seller has already found the buyer, we can serve as a reliable middleman to make sure the trade goes well. In this case, the buyer only needs to pay half of the Middleman Service Fee.
  • We do not pay for shipping. So, please purchase your own label!
  • Once we receive the card, we will make an unpacking video for each card received. We are not responsible for whatever damages caused to the card during the transition.
  • After making sure the card is in good condition, we will take pictures of the cards and put it on our website for sale. We will also put the dates when the card will be shown during the stream.
  • Each card will be shown in Pokemonclub_0 liveroom at least ten times for one week.
  • Once the card is sold, we will send out the card to the buyer and make sure that the card is not damaged.
  • Once the card is sold, we will send the seller the money via Zelle within 3 days.
  • If the card is not sold within one week, it will still be on our website but will not be shown in the liveroom unless the seller chooses to pay more. An extra five-time for the card to be shown in the liveroom will cost $1.
  • If the seller decides to take the card back, the seller can choose the ‘Return’ option under the ‘Trading Card Sellers’ product to purchase the return label.
  • If we, Crossing Media, want to purchase the card, we will reach out to the seller via email or Discord to discuss.

We, Crossing Media, want to provide the best Middleman service for trading cards. We offer reliable and trustworthy trading card services. All cards will be handled carefully by us.