For Buyers

  • Under the product called ‘Trading Card Buyers’, buyers can view all the cards that we have for sale.
  • For each card, there will be information about the dates when the cards will be shown on live so that the buyer can join the stream to look more closely at the card before making the purchase.
  • Once the buyer pays for the card and shipping, we will send out the card to the buyer. We will take extra efforts on protecting the card. If the card is damaged during the transition, please contact us via email or open a ticket on our Discord server.
  • Buyers can purchase the Insurance for the Cards. If the buyer purchases the insurance, the carrier will cover the loss for the buyer. To purchase the insurance, select the option called 'Shipping with Insurance' and contact us via email or Discord to see what's the price for the insurance since the carrier offers insurance of different prices based on the values of the items being shipped.
  • If the card is damaged because of the poor packaging, we will cover the loss with or without the insurance.
  • We do not pay for shipping!

We, Crossing Media, want to provide the best Middleman service for trading cards. We offer reliable and trustworthy trading card services. All cards will be handled carefully by us. 

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